Valve Steam Deck reservation numbers leak for 256 GB and 512 GB models

Reservations for Steam Deck, the handheld gaming PC from Valve, started just an hour back. The numbers for the 512 GB model reservations have been leaked. It seems that the highest number of reservations were made by North American users, which is 55,000. In addition to NA, there were 9,600 reservations by European Union users and 7,000 by United Kingdom users.

The number for the 256 GB model reservations is 28,000 from NA, and 5,000 from EU.

Valve introduced this reservation system as a measure to prevent bots and resellers from getting their hands on Steam Decks. Scalping has been a huge problem of late, especially with Nvidia 30 series graphics cards. This, coupled with the already low production of hardware, has resulted in unprecedented scarcity in the market.

The $5 reservation fee will put users in a queue for Steam Deck. And once the product is released in December this year, Valve will start shipping to users based on the queue on a first come, first serve basis.

Steam Deck 256 and 512 GB models reservation data of the first hour: what does it mean?

The stats of the first hour, that too for one of the three models, is nowhere near sufficient to paint the whole picture. It is still up for debate whether Valve were successful in capturing the handheld gaming space, or if there is, in fact, a sizable demand.

However, Valve’s aggressive pricing on all three Steam Deck models is surely good news for the end consumer. The $399 Steam Deck is perfect for someone who wants to dip their toes into PC gaming. And the $529 and $699 models are undoubtedly great value propositions to users, given their larger and much faster storage.

Valve’s President, Gabe Newell, talked about how they would want to pave the way with Steam Deck for more products from other manufacturers. Other hardware manufacturers are surely taking notes from the Steam Deck sales numbers.

The reservation of Steam Deck is only open to users from the United States, Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom. While Steam Decks released in December 2021 will first reach these users, Valve mentioned that Steam Decks will be made available to more regions in 2022.

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